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Established in 1995, Castec Inc. was originally a Refractory Precast

supplier; however, with a change of ownership in 2006, we have

expanded to include Refractory Tear-out and Installation. These

additional capabilities have enabled Castec to bring added value to our

customers, allowing them to choose one company for all of their refractory

needs as opposed to sourcing out numerous contractors. Our business is

made up of refractory maintenance, contract, and project work in

international markets including The Americas, Asia, Europe and South

Africa. We carry out major rebuilds and outages as well as small call-outs

and are able to mobilize quickly to respond in an emergency.

With deep roots in the Northern Ontario Nickel-Copper processing

industry, Castec has also undertaken maintenance and project work in

many different industries including Steel, Platinum, Cement & Lime,

Pulp & Paper, Aluminum, Incineration, Power Generation and

Hydrocarbon Processing.

At Castec, we believe that because we tear refractory out, we have great

advantages and insight when it comes time for reinstallation. One

contractor performing both tasks ensures continuity throughout the project.

We evaluate our customers’ refractory program as a whole, understanding

that the removal of damaged refractory aids the planning of future linings.