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At Castec, we own and maintain a fleet of Brokk remote control excavating

machines for refractory tear-out and maintenance. We have many recent

models that vary in size from the Brokk 90 to the Brokk 400 and all sizes in

between. With such capabilities, we can safely and efficiently perform

refractory tear-out and cleaning on units of all sizes, including:

At Castec, our experienced Operators  possess a wealth of knowledge

tearing out vessels of various types from various industries. They have

a thorough understanding of refractory installations and the importance

of a quality tear-out. They understand that the lining coming out has

valuable information for the customer and the installation team during

replacement so the Operators work closely with the installation supervisor

to assess the lining during removal.

• Ladles

• Flash Furnaces

• Blast Furnaces

• Roasters

• Tundishes 

• Launders

• Rotary Kilns

• Clinker Coolers

• Aluminum Furnaces

• Anode Furnaces

• Incinerators

• Converters

• Electric Arc Furnaces